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When the sun is kept in the heart all evil vanishes from life.
– Ram Dass



I’m Rebecca! Most days you can find me on my yoga mat or exploring this amazing world. I am a dog mom –> check the ‘Gram (@beccaalward) for my special guy. I love giving back to the universe with small, everyday actions in my community, the people I encounter, or merely through recycling and composting. I’m always traveling and constantly pushing my comfort zone.

I am honored to help people grow into their best selves. I help clients work with and take ownership of their anxiety by learning to implement wellness habits into daily life so they can discover and follow their souls’ purpose. I listen to my clients’ dreams and help forge a new path to make it a reality. I am so lucky to remind them that anxiety/weight/stress/any obstacle is a manageable beast and we all have the power to believe in ourselves and achieve adventure and independence.

When I’m not busy keeping my vibes high, you can catch me: studying Arabic or reiki-ing and playing with my sunglet (Arlo, the dog). A couple times a year you can find me in a super dope off-the-beaten-path destination (don’t worry I will share my travel guides!). Sunshine, being outside, and the beach are what I live for.

Still here? Let’s connect, I would love to learn about you or answer any questions you may have!

Love and light,





9th House Light is what happens when I sit down and think, “what am I good at?” and “what do I love?” Generally, that is travel and helping people. But when you boil it down, I am here to help people find themselves through soulful, authentic adventures and to help people with anxiety learn to tame the beast with healthy, holistic, forgiving practices.

I am so happy you are here! I hope something in my blog or my services will help you find what you are looking for. If you click on the drop-down menu under services you will find my wellness and travel offerings, respectively. If you have any questions or would like me to think about offering something else, please drop me a line! I would love to hear from you.

Sat nam.






Want to talk? Have questions? Want to see anything? Drop me a line. . .



I am located in South Park, Dayton OH


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