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When the sun is kept in the heart all evil vanishes from life.
– Ram Dass


Hello Habibtoos!

I’m Rebecca! Most days you can find me on my mat or exploring this amazing world with my mat not far behind. I am most known for my paradoxical nature + my love of doggos. Check the ‘Gram for my special guy @beccaalward. I love giving back to the universe with small, everyday actions in my community, the people I encounter, or merely through recycling and composting. [yay sustainability!] I’m always traveling and constantly bettering myself by pushing my comfort zone.

I help people grow into their best selves, by discovering and following their souls’ purpose. I listen to my clients’ dreams and help forge a new path to make it a reality. I am so lucky to remind them that anxiety/weight/stress/any obstacle is a manageable beast and we all have the power to believe in ourselves and achieve independence.

When I’m not busy keeping my vibes high, you can catch me: studying Arabic or reiki-ing and playing with my sunglet (Arlo, the dog). A couple times a year you can find me in a super dope off-the-beaten-path destination (don’t worry I will share my travel guides!) like Tulum, Mexico or Dahab, Egypt. Sunshine, being outside and the beach are what I live for.

Still here? Let’s connect, I would love to learn about you or answer any questions you may have!

Love and light,




Booking Services

Currently, I am offering the following services:

∴ reiki therapy » $40/ session

∴ distance healing – $25

∴ crystal therapy  » 30 min – $30   » add-on to reiki- $10

∴ soul light coaching  » 60 min session – $45/ session

∴ energy cleanses  » aura/ soul (in studio) – $30   » house visit- $40



♥ please note that sessions at my location come with a dose of puppy love ♥





♥ Coming soon ♥

∴ travel guides that inspire the soul  ∴  angel and reiki infused crystals
∴ trips that ignite the soul revolution you’ve been waiting for




Want to talk? Have questions? Want to see anything? Drop me a line. . .



I am located in South Park, Dayton OH


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