✨🌙Reading for the Collective for the week of 12/23🌙💫

You’re coming into a place of balance after doing the work to release the blocks this year. We are moving into a new phase full of love energy. It is the time to focus your energy on what rings true to you, tap in to your clarity and truth. Where might you be lying to yourself or omitting the truth? Neither will create a positive outcome for you.

Use the gnarly energy of this new moon eclipse on the 25th to shift into a new perspective of your life goals. Take some time out at this end of year to rest and review your plans.


Have your priorities shifted? That’s OK. If you’re happy, go with it. If not, use that new moon energy to switch things up. Trust your intuition.


To align with your purpose using the current energies, look back on your life and your year. Look at all that you’ve accomplished and learned and expressed gratitude for it.


Food for thought: be nice to yourself, even the opinions you have about yourself aren’t true so don’t take them personally.

Weekly events: new moon lunar eclipse on the 25th get those 2020 goals out there this is some gnarly energy to tap into.

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