✨Energy for the Week of January 20th✨

This week things may not be panning out totally as we expect. We can choose to wallow in it or try a new approach. Just remember that nothing dies/ends, it just changes form. Including your dreams!

Nothing is isolated from the whole, everything is working together as one with many perspectives. With this in mind you will find constancy in your journey.


Don’t put energy into any obsessive thoughts, instead direct your energy towards moving forward. Remember: you choose your outlook and the thoughts you entertain. So redirect from the victim mindset.


Life is not happening to you, you have free will and the power of choice. When you stop this negative pattern of choosing, it will stop holding you back. You will notice blessings tenfold when you look on the brighter side of life.

Just remember everyone has a role to play in the greater story of the universe, surrender to this. Be open to working with other people who complement your skills. This will help you to grow learn and overcome obstacles you’re facing.


Collaborate with people so that you can help each other make your dreams a reality. Trust others to help you. And be OK asking for help. Stay humble and know you will go further by accepting help and being realistic with where you’re at.

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