✨Energy Reading | Week of 12/30🌙

Ground yo’self and set boundaries like a mofo.

With the recent new moon eclipse, there’s a lot of chaotic energy, coupled with the stress of the holidays. To balance this energy, it’s important to ground yourself. This was emphasized by our guides. Don’t worry the confusion and feeling off track is only temporary.

Take note of your thoughts, you are surrounded by amazing things so give thanks and this will help shift your energy back into balance.

Our guides also want us to be honest with ourselves and others. Have those conversations and face those hard truths. Start 2020 by leaving the shady shit in 2019, ain’t nobody gonna have time for it, including you!

Disconnect from the low vibin’ folks in your life, set your boundaries, and find your peace. Connect and deepen the relationships that inspire you and fill you up. Use this week as that final push to get rid of what you don’t like, to set things straight, and to do that final clearing.

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