✨Week of 1/6 Collective Energy✨

This week is big on digging deep and really doing the shadow work. There’s a lot of energy around an internal battle that we’re facing. Take a step back and focus on the inner work.

What are your goals? What do you want to be intentional about this year?

2020 is for your glow up. Take a bit to get yourself aligned so that you can move forward with intentional energy and create the reality that you want for yourself.

The shadow work might not be easy. It means digging deep within yourself and looking at what you’re holding onto that may be a lost cause. You may not wanna admit to yourself that the energy you’re putting into a situation or thought pattern you have is holding you back.

But these blocks and attachments that we  have acquired throughout our lives need to be released in order for us to grow and continue to move on.

Remember you create your reality. If you aren’t happy, what are you focusing on? What do you think you’re lacking that is creating this discontent?

To counter that pattern, what do you have that you’re grateful for? Even if it’s a comfortable bed you sleep in or that you have heating in the winter and a roof over your head. This positive energy will attract more positive energy, putting you on the vibrational level that you need to be on to attract that which you truly desire.

Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself, to realign, recalibrate, and really figure out what makes you tick, so that you can create the reality that you want.

Something to focus on this week would be replacing fear with love. These are energetic opposites. Love is such a powerful energy to expand and receive.

So be discerning with how you’re using it. Are you being vulnerable and open with the energy and allowing it’s true power and presence to be utilized? Or are you using it in a way that manipulates and harms others?

There’s a lot of high energy right now, so regardless of how it’s manifesting, focusing on your root chakra and doing grounding exercises and finding ways to make yourself feel at home in your own body and wherever you’re at will really help to integrate these energies and to do the inner work that we need to do right now.

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