10 Questions to Elevate Your Practice

A lot of the principles of yoga deal with healing and respecting your body. It is important as we practice to check-in with both our bodies and our souls. I have jotted down some of the questions that have provided me with the most food for thought. Think about it. Journal about it. It’s merely to help you suss out what you want and need! Leave your thought-provoking questions in the comments below!


1. Do I push myself too far in my practice where I risk injury?

2. Does my sequencing have enough of a warm-up & cool down?

3. How does my body speak to me?

4. How do I feel stepping onto the mat?

5. What type of environment do I thrive in?

6. Are my values fueled internally or externally?


7. What is my metric for success? When do you expect to obtain this? Are you being realistic?

8. What are you focusing your energy on now? Why?

9. How have your past decisions led you here?

10. Where do you derive your power?

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