12/9 Weekly Reading for the Collective

If you find yourself judging and having negative thoughts about others and yourself, use that as a sign to step back from your thoughts and go inside. The energy is a symptom of you, yourself, being “off” so to speak. 

Instead of allowing that hateful negative energy to grow and take root in you, take a step back to understand where it is coming from. Then change the narrative. 

One way to do this is to set aside some time for yourself when you start feeling these negative reactions come up or something triggers you. Take time alone this week to gain clarity around what is in your heart and flip the script by doing things that evoke bliss. 

The guides are emphasizing that we take care of our root and crown chakras this week as it will assist our ability to step back from judgment and in return respond with our natural energy, which is love.

Crystal for the week is a Herkimer diamond. 

And don’t forget the 12/12 full moon in Gemini at 12:12 am! 

Comment below what your full moon ritual is.

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