2020 Energy Reading

2020 has a dope comfortable warm easy happy feeling. There’s going to be more change, but positive. Dear ones stand in your divine light, you have worked hard to get here.

Recognize this and do not diminish it celebrate what you have done with your life. This is everyone’s year to restore and give thanks for the lessons you’ve learned- work together to share this love.

This year isn’t going to be about doing the opposite of what didn’t go right in 2019. It’s about finding balance. Yes 2019 was hard. Were we too open? Did we allow too much? And did we get hurt? Probably yes.

But there’s no point in having the pendulum swing all the way to the opposite side. The side where you’re closed off, hurtful, pretend you don’t have emotions, and deny the parts of yourself that bloomed with glorious strength this year.

Take the lessons you’ve learned and the resulting growth to apply them to building a moderate and balanced life this year. There is strength in vulnerability, so don’t shut yourself off. But there is grace in knowing your limits, so set discerning boundaries.

You have not taken these hard lessons to throw them out the window and shut yourself down. You are a divine being with some divine lessons, your purpose is to share what you learned and build a life that is in alignment with your soul.

Set the ego aside and don’t operate from a place of fear, allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to love, but ain’t no shame in doing it from a distance if that’s what’s going to keep you healthiest.

This is the time, both spiritually and socially, to stand in faith and love. To build a life in line with your soul purpose. Yes, things may have to shift a little bit more as you move into your purpose, but that’s where faith things will shift for the best comes in. Remember the universe will always provide when you step forward with faith.

To live in the light we must apply the lessons we’ve learned, it might not be easy and in some cases it may be downright hard, but you know what you need to do and the mindset you need to adopt to move into the life you want to live.

Your depths have grown and you’re more aware than ever of your purpose here on earth. If you ever get frustrated or feel off, come back to this knowledge for your higher self will never steer you wrong.

You must overcome, in your conscious mind, the ego. To silence the ego, give space for the intuition to speak. Then work on staying above the ego, so that you may hear your higher self and heed the advice.

You have all the tools, silence the mind, listen, and the phoenix will rise. This is your come back with a path paved in gold if you trust your higher self and stay honest with yourself.

Your karma this year is fully within your control. What you put out you get back 10x. You create your reality with the quality of your thoughts.

So with everything you need at your disposal and eternal abundance in the universe, what will the 2020 you create look like? 

That is entirely up to you and within your control. Do not forget that we are here to support you and will send you reminders because we hold a universe of love for you, but YOU, and you alone, drive the ship that is your life. So go create the most magnificent year you’ve had yet. ❤️

One thought on “2020 Energy Reading

  1. I received an energy reading from Rebecca today and I couldn’t believe the accuracy. I am very careful with the information that I allow in my spirit but Rebecca made me feel at ease. Some of the things mentioned where things that I already knew, which confirmed that this energy reading was what I needed.
    Thank you for the reading and the confirmation for my spirit.

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