9th House Light- Dreams do Come True



Hi guys!

I am SO excited! I’ve been sitting with this dream for about a year now, mostly because my ego is scared of judgment and doubting myself worth. I finally got to a point where I could listen to my intuition and my angels, all of which have basically said START.

What is starting, you ask? I am embracing being a lightworker and am here to help you heal and live your soul’s purpose. My initial offerings are in reiki and soul coaching. I will expand my offerings in time, but I don’t want to initially overwhelm myself so I can hold the most peaceful and transcendental space for my clients. (I also need some time to write these promised travel guides!)

That said there will be limited appointments each week, so email me (ninthhouselight@gmail.com) or text me (714.425.3034) to schedule now. Also be sure to ask about new client discounts. I am so so so looking forward to working with you lovely souls!

In love + light,


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