A note on being an Introvert

Hey there fellow introvert!

I am wildly introverted and like more introverts, I have learned how to put on an extroverted mask because this world has been established by and for extroverts.

I hear ya and I feel ya fellow introvert, it is exhausting and can be overwhelming.

Well friends, I’m here to tell you it is entirely up to you to keep waring yourself out trying to conform or to develop a norm that is comfortable for you.

It is your life that you got to show up to. Do you feel like you are doing your best? Or are you anxious and overwhelmed?

I’ve been there and it can be a daily struggle, and on a good day an issue, I work with. But I have realized that I need to take care of myself.

Now I’m not suggesting you be anti-social. It is healthy to socialize and you learn important lessons from being around peers. But it is like everything. Moderation. Moderation affects how we feel.


Find an amount of extroversion that suits you. Not so much you feel exhausted and not so little that you feel lonely or left out. I think you will notice as I did, that you will be able to more fully show up for yourself and others if you are recharged and not overwhelmed.

Being able to hold this space has a profound effect on your perception, relationships, energy levels, and anxiety. This can be life-changing. Allowing you to be who you identify with at a soul level. You will be happier and this has a chain reaction. You will be able to help others flourish.


BUT you must show up for yourself first.

So how do you do that?

  1. Don’t force it if you don’t feel like going out.
  2. What do you love? Try doing that instead of going out.
  3. How do you feel 24 hours after staying in? 48 hours? If you are happy and rested you may be on to something.

Don’t bail on plans you’ve made, friends likely won’t take this well. Also, give it a couple times. The first time or two you will likely experience FOMO because society has so conditioned us. But take a step back and sit with yourself, how do you feel? Listen to your soul when deciding your course of action.

It is socially acceptable to be an introvert. You don’t always have to be “on.” Take some time to make your soul sing.

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