A year on, Reiki Master level, and a practice

In a little more than a year, Reiki has brought so much into my life, some more attenuated than others. For those of you that don’t know Reiki is a super dope energy work modality. I will create another post trying to take a stab at what it is and how we think it works. But for purposes of this article, its purpose is essentially to balance your energies by infusing the universal life force energy.

Reiki in and of itself is love and light. It literally beams out of my hands. It has given me a new found appreciation of the phrase “radiate love”. Its so great and I have found this beautiful energy leaking into other parts of my life. With being attuned to reiki it manifests and infuses every part of your life with magnificent love and light.


I have had the opportunity to practice patience with working with the public offering reiki. I would say the vast majority of my clients are amazing souls that I am so thankful to work with and serve.

But just because I am attuned to this energy doesn’t make me all sunshine and love. I am still human and I react as a human does. And resultingly I have had some clients who have made me rethink my path and whether I want to allow strangers into my home and open my heart to them.

It is these people who have helped me to grow the most. I have had to learn to put my differences aside and recognize that the person needs reiki or they wouldn’t have sought me out. It is so hard to accept this and to act from a place of love when I hope they never come back into my home or life again. I have used my superpower of empathy to understand that they need some love and light infused in their lives (maybe it’ll make them less unfortunate humans).


This patience doesn’t come naturally and I think that without reiki I would never have taken that step back and realize the person sucks because of them, not me. And that while I may not immediately help them, I start their healing process, they will eventually recognize their path.

I think this is the closest I have come to loving unconditionally, wanting to help a person when you know they are going to in no way help you.

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