Hello there fellow beam of light!

I am so stoked the universe has guided you here! At our core we are all beings of love and energy. We have incarnated into this time for growth and to shift the planet into a new vibration. We are all on this journey together. Thus I do not believe we ever stop learning or growing. I am here to help those that may be at a different point in their journey realize their interdimensional nature and guide them in the embodiment of their soul’s purpose.

I have been aware of the many densities and different energies since my childhood where I would play with angels and “want to be one again.” As I have gotten older, I have aligned with my energetic nature to share my truth with others and help them discover their own.

I am experienced in metaphysics, universal and energywork, including Reiki, SSR, and angel work. As a clairsentient, I work with spirit guides, angels, and our higher selves to receive intuitive knowings and guidance that serves the highest good of all involved.

When working with my fellow light beings, I blend the old traditions with the new for pragmatic alchemical sessions that (further) awaken souls to explore the magic of their divine nature.

As an ever transforming being, I am continuously working to deepen my knowledge in energywork and the subtle body, understand plant medicine and tincture making, as well as breathwork and meditation to deepen the connection back to my true nature as a high priestess.

Keep waking up to who you are beautiful soul.

All the light,