Asking the Tarot: Path as a Lightworker

For the last couple of months, I have been working with and getting to know my angels again. Because they exist at a different frequency, it can sometimes be difficult to understand them, especially when you first open the line of communication. It’s a lot of code deciphering until you learn to trust your intuition and get used to the signs. A more streamlined approach is working through tarot cards or oracle cards which give you a bit more to work with.

That said, I asked my angels to tell me about my path as a lightworker through the tarot. I knew intuitively I was one, but didn’t know how my gifts would manifest or if I was ready to share.


This is what the angels threw down:

  1. 6 pentacles
    • balance with money, time, gifts, wisdom
    • gratitude for money, time, gifts, wisdom
    • share¬†money, time, gifts, wisdom with those in need
  2. 4 of swords, reversed
    • feelings of restlessness
    • being over eager and thus overworking
    • dig into heart, face your fears
    • place of stagnation–> the card is telling you to act to remedy this.
  3. Knight of cups
    • in touch with intuition and emotions
    • messenger of an emotional benefit
    • high energy/ transcend
    • explore passions
    • be proactive

My interpretation of this:

My guides pulled no punches. I’ve been waffling, mostly due to my ego, on whether I am a lightworkers and if I am do I pursue it. I’ve been working on getting to know my guides and angels, reiki, and other healing modalities. I’ve been seeing 4444, 444, and 2222 a lot lately and other signs. I have also had a strong intuitive draw to some things within the lightworker space. I’ve understood some of the push, but I (probably the ego) needed more affirmation, so I asked the cards: What the fuck am I doing?

The cards told me: Be thankful you are here. That you can make this decision.That this is the problem you are having. You will learn/ do have balance with your gifts/wisdom and you need to share them with those who do not have the light or want to get closer to it.


The 6 of pentacles gave me affirmation that I am indeed on the right track with my suspicions on being a lightworker and wanting to bring it to others. The beauty of divine guidance and the universe saying duh, you are right where you need to be.

4 of swords reversed hit the nail on the head. I have a fear and a sense of stagnation as a result that I must overcome. I have old wounds, like ancestral level that needs to be dealt with to fully come into the light. The result of this fear is holding me back, which ends in stagnation. This holds me back. I need to dig deep into my heart to deal with the parts that must be healed. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will find my light there. Self-control and awareness are also eys I need to further develop. No over-working myself, it will lead to exhaustion and you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Going forward, I must be proactive, listen to my dreams and intuition and then ACT on it. The guidance I receive is unparalleled and will not lead you astray. You will ascend by listening to your soul and exploring new passions. Fall in love with new things every day. Create from your intuition. Listen to your messenger, they could be pivotal in your healing.

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