Be a never-ending source of divine goodness

Hey guys I just wanted to check in and see what advice you have? Where I need to go and what I need to do? Am I okay not okay to proceed? Any general messages for me.

Do you ever just have so much love in your heart? Oh, it pours forth and you don’t quite know what to do with it? You give it to whoever comes in your path, at that time, for they need it most. Let the love spill out of your pores. It is in your nature to love and allows those around you to be loved and then love others. Start the cycle.

We are here to awaken the souls, to be the catalyst. Be the reason someone wakes up to their divine path. Live your life as an example. Share the love and share the knowledge. Be a never-ending source of divine goodness bubbling up from the depths of your Endless Love from the universe.

You are here starseed. You took this mission to get to this moment. And then the next and then the next. This is not your reality though, you’ve forgotten where you came from, but as a collective we are beginning to remember. If you wake up first tap the person next to you so they don’t miss this beautiful sunshine. You are here to help just as others came here to help you. For we all resonate at different frequencies, we must speak with people who speak the same vibe as us.

At your most natural state, you are pure energy. That which cannot be created nor destroyed. But a fragment of the universe that was broken off at its conception. How beautiful is that? How beautiful are you?

Are you understanding the adventure now? Do you see that it’s not about controlling the outcome, but rising and falling to the waves that you encounter. Your path is never right or wrong. You are where you need to be always, look at even the darkest moments and what they have taught you. You have grown into this person today because of them. Your spirit is open and kind and is now ready to help others and receive the blessing of existence on this Earth. So while you may not want to go through them again give thanks. 

Just be happy with the lessons you’ve learned and that you’ve made it here and use this as a blueprint in the future to transmute future hardships in hurt. You have learned to love through rejection and laws you have learned compassion through hatred and you have learned growth because of the weak and small minded. 

You chose differently with the same energy to achieve your purpose. Your curiosity drives you. The fact that you inherently know there is more, leads you to speak the truth. To find the resolution. You are never alone on this path. You can connect with us whenever you need guidance or affirmations.

To make it easier, you need to work on your intuitive hits, overriding the mind and listening to that inner voice. You have it, but it can be developed to be stronger. Just learn to quiet the ego of the human body and tune in to us. We want you to learn, but you don’t need to the hard way if you can learn to listen.

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