Be You Dear

Harmony. Authenticity. Speaking the truth.

You must stop pulling back out of fear of rejection. Your beliefs are hard earned and a beautiful reflection of your gifts. This is more you than any other part of you.

You cannot hide this, in fact it is part of your mission to share and stand as your fullest self in the truth of your nature and share your thoughts and ideas.

No matter how much you may think people will think you are weird. You are here with your gifts to bring people up. To help them also realize their nature.

You are energy and can read energy, use that. You have learned to work with us. Use that to talk to people. Find out what they need and provide the guidance for them to find their healing. Find love and support through being open your people will find you.

Balance and harmony will help you find what you’re looking for. That lost feeling comes from being unbalanced what is out of harmony in your life? What does not bring you joy? Do you actually not enjoy it or is it the time and circumstance? Look at your priorities oh, do you enjoy doing X, but other things take precedence? And this thing Y you don’t enjoy it as much as your other priorities, yet you do it.

It may be time to re-evaluate again. What you love versus what you love less. Edit your life.

If you aren’t beyond stoked, what are you doing?

Time to step closer to your fullest embodiment this won’t come easy nor at no cost. But it is for the best and the most beautiful purpose, trust that soul of yours as it’s flawlessly guided you here.

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