Being a Lightworker with Anxiety

Lightworker. It’s a pretty dope job title. It’s got even cooler implications for this planet and the universe. But we see all these extremely beautiful and “together” people on the ‘gram and think “they got it made!” Or “wow they are so cool and have their shit together, I could never be like them, I have anxiety.” WRONG. It is absolutely and fundamentally a spiritual calling. Its one of those things you just know when you take time to listen to your heart.


Lightworkers are as diverse as the normal population. They also have practices as diverse as the whole population. But there are some agreed-upon traits that are reflected in most lightworkers:

  • Strong sense of a higher purpose
  • High empathy
  • Want to help hard to say no
  • Feeling different/ misunderstood
  • Strong intuition
  • Not religious, but very spiritual
  • Connection to nature and animals

These traits create people who are highly tapped into the feels of the world. They allow us to establish a beautiful and deep connection to the earth and those around us. It is our superpower and how we will carry out our purpose here.

But, and this is a big but, until we learn to harness these traits and truly understand their implications, we are open and raw, not being able to filter or shield ourselves from the shitstorm that can manifest as daily life.

This can result in the lightworker experiencing anxiety, depression, or a general sense of overwhelm. And don’t worry, you aren’t alone! I see you. I feel you. Most of my life I have has anxiety (since I was a young child). It went unacknowledged or misdiagnosed until I was an adult.

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My “stress-induced asthma,” I realize now was actually panic attacks. The inhalers and nebulizers never seemed to help when I would have attacks because I was under extreme stress, often accompanied by tears. As soon as I was removed from the situation and had a moment to breathe I would calm down. Stress-induced asthma my ass, instead of looking at other options, they would give me new medicines and contraptions that never really worked. The doctors would turn around and tell me I was at fault because I must not be using them correctly. Obviously, they were not wrong. As I got older and took more and more responsibility for my health I stopped taking the medicines because they have steroids and legit didn’t work.

It wasn’t until Law School that I had a therapist look at me and say your anxiety is out of control, how long have you been like this. Uhh, my whole life? I replied. It made a lot more sense and gave me something I could understand and made me feel less hopeless.

This anxiety has been with me like a shadow since I can remember. Because of over-stimulation due to me being so tapped into everything going on around me, always. Now that I am older and have discovered my gifts, I take more care to stay grounded and tune out of the commotion to care for my sensitive self in the way that I need.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and giggles now that I have gotten to know my anxiety. It is absolutely a daily battle with something I will likely carry with me for the rest of my life. Due to my childhood and genetics, my fight or flight switch is permanently in the on position. But its manageable, the more I learn about it, understand it, and listen to my body the less effect it has and the calmer life I lead. I am in a position where I can help others now because I have made my own path through this and I understand the confusion.

I am currently developing a coaching package for lightworkers and just generally amazing people who want to find a more holistic approach through anxiety and learn to accept themselves as they are and release their cords surrounding this shadow.

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  1. thanks!! me too! we can do this though!! every day grounding ourselves in order to do our work xx❤️xx

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