Hey there Lightworker,

You are learning. You are starting to understand what we mean by choices. Your choices culminate in the creation of your reality. Your steady focus on your decision brought you back into yourself. You recognize you are a shell with a splendid and abundant Soul inside. You recognize you are a starseed from a planet [...]

Harmony — #lifegoals

Just a little note from the higher ups (higher self/guides/angels) on what the actual f*ck we are doing here. If you're reading this, the message is meant for you <3 Let's begin... Tap into old soul roots to raise yourself and everyone around you up. The simulation changes when you transcend, you go to a [...]

Ritual & Cards: Virgo

It’s Virgo Season!  Virgo is a month of transformation. The sign closes out the summer and ushers in the fall. The weather starts to cool down and it’s time to reap the fruits of the summer labor. Celebrate the earth is her beauty as she begins to wind down to rest for the winter. Embrace [...]