Breathwork is a transformative experience connecting you with your body and optimizing your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It is one of the oldest healing modalities practiced for its profound release and healing effects by resetting the nervous system.

In our sessions, I will hold space for you to explore your needs that day, as I guide you through a specific altered breath pattern. This pattern is a conscious, connected (circular) breath that helps you move energy, access the subconscious, and work through old feelings + emotions.

These transformative sessions are done from your own sacred, safe nook so you can fully open to the release and connect with your higher consciousness. The sessions combine breath with potent music + a guided journey to effect the change of your highest good all supported with healing Reiki energy.

The spiritual, physical, and mental benefits of breathwork are profound. Some of which include: improving mood + focus, alkalizing the body, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, increase sense of empowerment, release energetic blocks, move stagnant energy, improve your intuitive connection, aid in astral travel, support PTSD and accessing repressed emotions paramount to healing.

What to Expect

During our 90 minutes together, you will learn the conscious breath pattern, as well as the technology of breathwork, why it works the way it does and how it can support your everyday breath.

We will then work to set your intentions for the experience, take a couple practice breaths, and then drop into the rhythm of the circular breath. You will breathe for an hour in a Reiki activated “space”, pushing past your blocks and resistances, taking you into the realm of light, healing, transcending dimensions and ultimately coming into oneness with your highest self.

As the music winds down, we will return to the physical plane , come back into your body, and integrate your experience. You will have the opportunity to share your experience or insights if you so choose (no pressure)!

To make yourself maximally comfortable for your session, wear something you are comfortable moving and laying in, have a low pillow or bolster for your head and a blanket! You may also want a bottle of water near by and your journal to record your thoughts afterwards.