Be You Dear

Harmony. Authenticity. Speaking the truth. You must stop pulling back out of fear of rejection. Your beliefs are hard earned and a beautiful reflection of your gifts. This is more you than any other part of you. You cannot hide this, in fact it is part of your mission to share and stand as your fullest [...]


 You need to trust the universe in all that it has in store for you. You will never be left alone without guidance and what you need. These superficial relationships dear do not serve you. You are better off helping and caring for yourself. When you are ready to receive them, the right person will [...]

Self Love Uber Alles

Love. Peace. Radiant Vibes. Beauty. Charity. Moving on. It can take a long time for a soul to be alone where you can find self growth. It may be a wild experience. You're at a transformative point and things are aligning for you. Do not pass these opportunities by when you know what you need [...]