Change is the interruption of normality

Change is what you get when your norm is disrupted. 

Your habits no longer serve you and you must abandon them so you can grow more, level up, and come into your own. Change is not bad. Going through the experience can feel bad. It can be really hard, but that is the absence of your normal, where you are comfortable in the familiar. It is not that the unfamiliar, the new is any harder or scarier. It’s that you don’t know them. They are not apart of your comfort zone, your safe place. 

Stop attaching this emotion, fear, to the unknown. It does not serve you because how often has the preemptive anxiety help you or served you?

Changes are an inevitable part of life. We all must break to come back together again. This is not positive, nor negative, you see.

Look at when a child grows. It’s bones and joints literally ache and hurt as this physical growth takes place. We don’t say “oh this is bad or scary” or ‘you shouldn’t be going through this” when it happens to a child. So then, why do we get upset or attach a negative meaning or any emotions to our spiritual evolution? For the change is necessary for spiritual growth, which is necessary in order for our souls to reach their own version of adulthood.

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