Collective Energy for Week of 12/16

This week is about reflecting and understanding generally. Be it your needs or wants and then learning to express yourself accordingly.


If there are people or things that donโ€™t feel good in life right now, disconnect, and take some time alone to restore. There is a lot of love energy this week: whether you want to focus that love on yourself, friends, or a budding romance it is up to you.


Embrace your divine feminine this week and let that creative energy flow, nurture yourself and allow the inner growth that is so natural for the cold winter to begin to take place. Use this time to explore your mind and allow ideas to flourish.


Remember you create your reality, edit accordingly. Who and what do you want to take in the 2020? Your future is limitless when you donโ€™t hold yourself back.


Yule/ winter solstice is Saturday 12/21

Rock of the week: honey calcite 

Food for thought: your word is the power you have to create.

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