Collective Energy Week of 1/13

We are Vibin! This week is about balance and clarity. The energies in 2020 are gnarly transformational from the start. We are all feeling it. They’re speeding us ahead to make the changes we need to come into alignment, so shift to adapt. As the Marines say improvise, adapt, overcome. This is helpful to keep in mind for 2020 while using the lessons we learned in 2019 to help us improvise.

Step into flow and watch the synchronicities pile up. The universe will always come through because you are divinely guided. You’re never alone. When you feel you need help, call your spiritual team. Or tap into your love power, a direct line to your intuition.  

Consciously slow down when your mind is going 1000 mph with all the ideas. Slowing down gives you space to organize and plan so you can get a good grip on these cosmic ideas. Clarity and balance is rooted in remembering- you are in control of your emotions and life.

Thinker: Do you feel like you are missing something? You totally may not be, but that uneasy feeling can come up when you aren’t grounded. Are you obsessing over something? If you are, it could be energetically leaking into other areas of your life causing unnecessary dis-harmony. Be sure to ground yourself and meditate. What would letting go of something do? What can you change about your thoughts? How are you going to do that?

This momentum forward is epic! When you feel the changes a’comin and resist, the resistance can cause dis-harmony. Thinker: What do you not what to let go of to move on? Connect with your people for support and face the issues you identified head on.

You got this! Remember, you’re divinely guided.

Stop worrying what others think and what they do, cause they ain’t you. Stop getting bogged down in your imposter syndrome and qualifications. As Nike so succinctly states “just do it.” You deserve to be happy. Follow your path. Call it in.

Crystal of the week: Tibetan black quartz

The Stars: Saturn conjunct Pluto on 1/12 basically means the world is going through its own version of Saturn return. Buckle up cause we are about to head out on a dope ass journey together! Things that aren’t working out will give way to new. And I think we can all agree some serious change is needed on a multitude of levels.

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