Conflict of Doing Good

When you do something good for somebody, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It speaks to our souls’ purpose to help people. I like to think most people are genuinely good and are on this earth excursion to help.

Whenever I get this feeling though, I feel almost guilty. Like the good feeling I experience takes away from the benefit experienced by the other.  Further down the rabbit hole, I think, “Do I do it for the feeling and/or the recognition or because I generally want to help the person and give back?”


I think at my soul level, I want to help it is my duty to make sure this earth becomes a better place. But my ego has other plans. My ego likes to feel good, it likes the recognition of doing good. I mean who doesn’t love praise, but in my spiritual journey, I feel I must strive to rise above the ego and honor my soul’s purpose. Selflessly help others and spread the light. I should never hesitate at the opportunity to help another soul, I want to be eager to serve and brighten another light. Who knows when my act will trigger a chain reaction.

So, I am pledging to you, the universe and my soul that I will serve the higher energy. I will do good without people knowing, without seeking a reward. We have total power to make this place better, let’s do this merely because we can and should.

Endless love + light Habibis ♥

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