Desk Life: Tips and Stretches to Stay Happy at Work

Sitting at a desk all day is a real bummer and some of us don’t have the freedom or desire to be entrepreneurs so we gotta grind at our desk. So here are my tips to beat the blues and stiff back and sore legs.

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Note: your colleagues may look at you like you are a bit nuts, but when they see you are maintaining limber and non-achy joints, surely you will win them to the dark side.


  1. Take a healthy smoke break.

In the non-freezing months step outside for a quick burst of sunshine and get the blood flowing. Go back to your desk with some clarity and energised.


  1. Eat lunch outside if you can.

Sunshine is so great (esp. If you have your sunscreen). Plus you will have to walk around a bit to find a good spot.


  1. Make circles with your head.

Loosen up that stiff neck and trap area from slouching and staring down at papers all day.


  1. Eagle pose, arm variation.

Stretches out the space between the shoulders.


  1. Seated forward-fold.

Get the crunchies out of your low back.


  1. Seated cat/cow.

Move the spine to keep some flexibility in it.


What are your tricks for not letting the office get you down?

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