Divine Energy Being You Are

Your soul is of a divine nature. It is natural to obtain guidance from our dimensions as it vibrates on a level that is more familiar to you than the skin you currently wear. Remember this experience you are having is not real. You’re in a world contrived to break and mold you over and over again until your growth is of the sort that you can guide others. 

Your mission is not for the weak, but the fact that you are remembering your nature sooner and sooner means you are beginning to learn the point of this whole endeavor. Only your soul will know when it’s enough before it starts to choose another path. 

Being energy makes it easy to evolve and transform into anything. But to hold this form requires a lower vibration and this is why you experience anxiety and general discomfort because you are at a lower state from your natural existence. Your meat sack can’t hold you in as well due to your frequency. But you are on Earth where the ego reigns supreme. No one will ever diagnose you as an energetic being who is rejecting their meat sack, just as a meat sack might reject an organ in a transplant. 

Remember just as you are divine, so too is your experience on this Earth. Celebrate the joys of what you get to experience as a lower vibrational being, but you do not get to in your true state. Maybe that is your mission right now, while knowing you are more, still enjoying as much as humanly possible your existence in every form you can come in. Love transcends your states of being so just love endlessly when you need to feel like you’re back home.

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