Energy Alchemy

Energy can collect due to a blockage in ourselves or our space. We, as well as our homes and offices,  can take on the energy of those entering our spaces. This energy isn’t always welcome and can result in a disturbance of our own flow. We also create attachments to others, and vice versa through energetic cords. These cords can collect and drain us of our energy and bog us down. To remedy this, you can do an energy clearing session, which includes a discussion of your current perceived blocks, an intention setting ceremony, meditation, and then a reiki-based angelic energy clearing.


This can be done in-person (Dayton, OH or Buffalo, NY area) or from a distance and I will have you meet me energetically over video chat. The number of sessions and how they progress will vary by client. You can expect them to last 90 to 120 minutes.

» $100 per session

Energy cleanses of a space take 60-90 minutes and will vary based on the energy of the space and its size. Please email me for location and pricing questions.