Expressing Gratitude When Shit Hits the Fan

The beginning of 2019 flew by and done kicked my ass. Wisdom teeth out. Resulting liquid diet. Aches and general ugh. Another flat tire (3 in 3 months). Two major losses of important souls in my life. Life just kept up the one-two punches and I didn’t have much choice but to take it. So when life is getting you down, how do you keep your vibe high and express gratitude even when everything seems to be going wrong?

There has to be some good to the bad. Silver linings and all that.

Things break, that’s part of life, but at least we are in a position to be fortunate to have enough to have things that need to be fixed. And as an even bigger bonus,  the resources to repair them. And it’s even better there is a deeper lesson to be learned here. In the grand scheme of things, cars are nice and make our lives SO much easier, but they are not essential to our existence. We know they require maintenance and things do go wrong so it shouldn’t be SO upsetting when things do go wrong. And how thankful we should be that we have a car to take us around, it is a luxury many do not have.

Look to external things that are awesome and will help you through this.

Your friends stepping up to show they care. Maybe that money you were fortunate enough to tuck away. Or maybe that long awaited upgrade for your phone. You can’t just focus on the one bad or multitude of bad things.

There is so much good happening all around us, whether it affects you or not. I love seeing my friends come through in ways they never had before when shit goes down. It gives me so much to be thankful for considering I am surrounded by such amazing people. Or thank your past self for looking out for the future you by putting away emergency savings. Find joy in little things. It’s ok if they are superficial, gratitude is gratitude.

Do something you love.

Take the focus away from your funk. It’s amazing how a redirect to something you love can shift your approach to the problem when you come back to it. You never know, you may have an epiphany when you are doing your fave activity. Especially if it is outside or an active endeavour. These notoriously produce feel good hormones and are healthy for you. You shouldn’t use it as a permanent distraction, but it is ok to remind yourself of what happy is.

Pick a mantra.

Breathe through it or pick a mantra that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Bring yourself into the moment and tune into your breath or mantra, the short pause before you continue to react or fret can significantly impact how you respond. Why dig a hole you’re already in any deeper?

But no matter what, remember bad days/ moments will pass. They are uncomfortable lessons but they will serve you later on.


You will be ok.

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