10 Yoga Moves to Ground You

Happy Monday All!

Monday is a notoriously stressful and generally un-fun day. I have compiled a list of my favorite grounding yoga moves to help beat those Monday blues or help you come back to yourself after an anxious period. The poses I have compiled elicit a lot of power and will remind you of your strength while connecting you with yourself. I have found these to help soothe my soul when my anxiety knocks me sideways. Do them none, one, or all! I hope you will experience some benefit from the list, just remember to keep your breath and follow it!

people-2562357_19201. Child’s Pose

This is a classic. Not only are you making your back feel great, you are putting yourself in a safe position to let the feels out. And what could be more grounding than planting your face in the ground?

2. Fish Pose

Next to corpse pose, you couldn’t be more connected to the earth. I love that the head and butt are firmly planted in the ground. Soak up that energy!

3. Sun Salutation

The bread and butter of yoga and for good reason! You are acknowledging both the heavens and the earth. The universe works as a feedback loop, send out love and you will get love back. I think this sequence makes it so much easier to visualize exuding love.


4. Warrior Sequence

The name itself screams POWER! Your feet are firm and your gaze is focused. Breathe and soak up that power!

5. Goddess Pose

This is on the list for very similar reasons to the one above, it exudes power! Strong, centered and grounding.

6. Down dog

Hey man, wanna do some yoga? I’m down, dog. The pose is super stable and what’s better? You get to plant your hands firmly in the ground, direct line to the earth’s calming energy.


7. Headstand

Maybe not so grounding. But a new perspective can be so great for the feels and this is a pretty accessible one.

8. Mountian Pose

I love this pose because it is so simple, yet so hard. Take a moment here and breath and explore your practice. It’s a gate to freedom.

9. Corpse Pose

All points of the body are connected to the earth. Try to rest the mind. It will take a lot of practice to do so effectively on the bad days, but staying here for a few moments after practice has a ton of benefits!

10. Try Something New!

Similar to headstand, a new move can give you a new perspective. It distracts the mind and gives you a reason to set a new goal!




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