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I hope you are doing well during this wild time we are experiencing. I have no doubt that we are going to pull through and thrive. This like any tragedy is a test of our faith and strength. More than ever this is a time to care for yourself and your energy. You are strong, resilient and have the entire universe at your back. Please remember this when you feel overwhelmed, the universe will never leave you unsupported. Sending so many blessings for health and resilience right now! <3

See below for the cool new offerings coming to you from RAD.

^ cover sneak-peek 

I am SO excited to announce a dream come true! FIND YOUR MAGIC. I have been dreaming of bringing my clients and the world a monthly compendium of information that breaks the woo woo world down into digestible chunks. Allowing people to learn and grow at their own pace. 

The journal is reiki infused AND one night a month I will have the crew meet me energetically for a distance reiki session. Consider it an energetic tune-up for your practice. You can sign up here.

The journal follows the astrological calendar and the first one will release APRIL 18, so it is in your inbox for the start of Taurus season! You will also get an exclusive Good Vibes 101 Guide upon sign up. Consider it a subtle energy primer. 

Here is a peek inside the fun content of each journal!

The pieces are woven together to help you grow and discover. Discover yourself as well as this beautiful universe we get to be apart of.  

The breadth of information is by design. The journal has the tools to optimize your life and absolutely knock out your goals, guidance to navigate the energy of the month ahead while you learn and information you might find valuable to keep stored in your noggin.

Want more?

Don’t worry! I got you! 

I have created a few tiers to make sure that I am able to offer something to everyone to fit their budget. The above is a snapshot of the tiers and what is offered.

My personal favorite is the guided meditation that you will receive monthly that corresponds with the theme of the journal! It is a beautiful reiki-infused 30-minute practice meant to heal while you explore your depths.

If you don’t see something that you would be interested in, send me an email! This is for YOU! 

So we are social distancing and self-quarantining, but you still want to do energy work? 

I got choo! See below for the different offerings during this distance encouraged time.

Energy Readings
In a reading, I will connect with your guides and bring back information they have for you. I will connect with your energy as a whole to do this and so if something is “off,” I can get information on how to fix it. 

Two ways to get your connection on:
– Mini-readings are 1-2 questions or about 1.5-2 pages of guidance. $35
– A full reading is usually 4-5 questions or about 5 pages of guidance. $50

Check IG @rebecca_alward or my Patreon for a weekly energy report every Monday! 

Reiki Sessions
It is like Reiki was made for the world we are living in. During my attunement to become a Reiki master I was trained and given the skills to be able to send Reiki over space and time (energywork is super COOL and super WEIRD, I get it.)

Having this skill, I am doing distance Reiki sessions! So if you feel like you need to chill during this time, its available to you. I will give you directions for it upon booking! My goal is to make energy work accessible and flexible so EVERYONE can glean its benefits. 

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