Gratitude is the connection

✨🙏🏻 Thank you so much for all the beautiful things I get to experience. The gifts you have awakened in me and the love that has been restored. My heart is so full and I cannot express my thanks for helping me get here. 🙏🏻🌙

Gratitude allows you to access the vibration of love. Love is as you know the underpinning of all vibrations and the key to a successful life.

It is an energy and practice everyone can access. It has the power to change your life when you truly pursue a gratitude practice. I do not know with any absolutism to which level you will shed, but I do know you will heal because of the resonance love will bring in.

It will then snowball and all the things in life will become grand and beautiful, even the things you previously could only find the negativity in. This is because your perspective has fundamentally changed. You access it and we think you should share with others how you dealt and the effects it had on your life. You are tangible and relatables the humans we are not. Share your experiences with others!

Gratitude practices are also very versatile because they can be added to many other practices. Think: meditation, Reiki, yoga, chi gong, tarot, and spell work. You open a mega gateway to one of the highest vibrations by being cognizant of your day today thanks.

Life is what you make of it. It is entirely up to your perception and what you make of it.

You create your reality through your thoughts and then these thoughts further perpetuate your reality. They are thought based and cyclical in nature: if you tend to have a shitty outlook, you’re going to keep seeing things through a shity lens because your mind is used to responding and producing shitty thoughts.

To shift this is no easy task, but it can absolutely be done and in a relatively short period of time. Initially you must expend some effort on the matter. It’ll begin as a conscious effort, but eventually that negative thought cycle and response will become positive.

It brings all the light into your life, your guides become easier to access at that high vibe frequency and the blessings snowball making all this even more easy for you to work with. Your approach to people should start with gratitude, this will show them right off your connection with divine and the true and pure beauty that can be found from a place of love.

Life meets you where you are and if you are in a place of thanks and loving, the energy of everything you do will be at that frequency. Be open to it and speak your thanks, it will not go unheard.

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