Gratitude during the Holidays

The Holidays are a chaotic and very consumerist time, but they really have gratitude at its core. This time of year starts with Thanksgiving which is, in and of itself, a time to give thanks, to continuously celebrate the year you have had with your loved ones as December approaches with Christmas and Haunnakah. It is so easy to lose sight of the love and thanks that should surround this time with all the ads and promotions out to buy buy buy. The consumerism can be hard to resist and there is such pressure around it in social groups.

But really this time is a space to spend time with people you love, eacting good food. A time to appreciate what you have before the buy buy buy want want want hits. I encourage you to reflect on the peace and gratidtue that is at the heart of this season and bring this with you to 2019!

Girl and dog

Here are some ideas to inspire that abundance mindset and show your graditude.

  • Graditude journal
    • Pick two things a day that really inspired you. You don’t need to go over board or force it. It shouldn’t be a chore. You want to put these good vibes out there.
  • Go out of your way to do something nice for someone.
    • Whether its a random act of kindness or you shovel your neighbors porch or you help a friend in need. Try something you haven’t sone before to help someone.
  • Volunteer
    • Help the homeless or go play with the shelter animals. We have it conditioned in to us that we need to be around those we love during this time, so why not help with the spirit of comaraderie with those down on their luck or maybe don’t have loved ones to spend it with. Love and light can go a long way.
  • Be kind to yourself.
    • Show yourself some of the love. What skills do you have that you are thankful for? What about life lessons or experiences?

What are you thankful for during this time of year?

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