Happy Full Moon! And Happy Fall!

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There is a lot going on right now energetically. Fall is a time of profound change as we gear up for the literally cold and figuratively reflective winter ahead. This moon cycle is about reflecting on our accomplishments and releasing what was not meant for us and divining a plan for our forward trajectory. Ground yourself and get cozy. Go inwards and look at where you are, where you have come from, and look at where you want to go.

Here are some thoughts and questions to help you reflect on this period of reflection and change:

  • If you could schedule a day where you were living in a way your soul was truly sparked and happy, what would that day look like? The week? A month of life like that? Let’s get adventurous, how about a year?
  • What priorities are being reflected in that life?
  • How do those priorities line up with your current priorities?
  • Can you incorporate one or two of the priorities into your daily life for this next moon cycle to help move you closer to your soul’s purpose?
  • Do not stress, life is a journey and change takes time. Embrace this seasonal change and allow the earth’s adaptability to infect you.
  • Look at how the leaves and plants change for the coming winter. Honor the food we eat that has been growing all summer for us. Ground in and connect with the earth while it is still warm and free.

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