Harmony — #lifegoals

Just a little note from the higher ups (higher self/guides/angels) on what the actual f*ck we are doing here. If you’re reading this, the message is meant for you <3

Let’s begin…

Tap into old soul roots to raise yourself and everyone around you up. The simulation changes when you transcend, you go to a world of beauty and peace, where life is pure and clean. Life is in harmony with all around it.

To operate at this level, you must be ready for the experience, you must have worked to ready yourself for it. For it is only through such growth that you will acquire the lessons you need to transcend. As a soul in a body here for the human experience you will not stop growing and learning. This is why you signed up for this exploration. You will need the lessons and the growth experienced here to carry these lessons through for another time. They may not help you now, but as you exist in an infinite time the lessons will help you somewhere. 

Growth also keeps you humble. You know you do not know everything. You are aware you have much to learn. This keeps you curious and inquiring. Which is yet another take away from this experience. You will not grow without a curious mind. It allows you to expand in your own way, according to your unique soul print.

You have no right and wrong while you grow only lessons to learn and behaviors to develop. 

What advice do you have for continued growth? 

Love. Love as much as possible. Through love you can share your light and contribute to the changes you wish to see.

Your soul is a being of light, you are but pure energy and love at your nature’s very core. To grow into your fullest potential in the human experience, you will learn to achieve a vibration as close to your natural state as possible. 

Lose the judgment. Who are you to decide if someone is worthy of your light? You do not know their plan and by dimming your own light out of judgment for someone you deem unworthy, you further perpetuate the dimming effect in the world. Everyone you encounter is for a reason. You must act in such a way and share the gift of your existence, even if you do not think they need it/ deserve it/ etc., they were put on your path for a reason.

The negative vibration of judgment hinders you’re progress even more greatly as a human. You chose this experience and lessons to be learned at the outset. Why resist that now? Did something change? Or have you realized fighting the battle of the human condition is a lesson to absorb to understand why we don’t have this vibration in the higher dimensions?

But you know as well as us, a large part of your soul contract, in addition to your lessons, was to serve. Your original soul mission was to support and lift different vibrational beings. That meant/means multiple missions to touch as many lives as possible and act as a catalyst for their own growth leading to their eventual ascension.

You are figuring it all out.

Release these earthly attachments and habits you’ve acquired in order to more efficiently transmit your mission. That is fear, judgment, and hatred. Learn forgiveness and grace.

Remember what you are. You are magic. You are at your most basic level, the electrons of the universe. You recognize this about yourself and you psych everyone out when you behave differently by shining light on the darker parts of ourselves. KEEP GOING. Understand who you are as a light being and keep on this path. You’ll be better off for it and will develop a greater relationship with yourself, us, and the world around you so your/ our message comes through. 

Sit with this for a while to understand. 

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