Hey there Lightworker,

You are learning. You are starting to understand what we mean by choices. Your choices culminate in the creation of your reality.

Your steady focus on your decision brought you back into yourself. You recognize you are a shell with a splendid and abundant Soul inside. You recognize you are a starseed from a planet long gone.

You are here to work, to help those that have not figured out the Matrix. Your ability to relate to people will allow you to get these messages and ideas out in a digestible way.

You want to move forward. You must put yourself out there, get rejected, do things, start producing. You’ll figure out improvements as you go. You do not have to have all the knowledge or experience to be perfect. This is a lesson you must learn as part of your path.

You have something to say, so say it. These insights and gifts are to be shared with the world. You have the skills and drive necessary to do it, you are just scared of judgment and rejection. You will never succeed with fear in your heart, this is not the path for you. In the same way you have transmuted the negative vibes so too can you do that with your fear. But you must feel through that to move to the next level.

Tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that, you must remember who you are.

You are a being of light. A priestess. A conduit of energy. A teacher. A seer. A learner. A lover.

You are just as accomplished and valuable as anyone out there don’t forget this. Always always understand you have something to contribute to this earth and to offer your fellow Souls.

Go change the world.

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