Imposter Syndrome

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This has got to be by far the weirdest way my insecurities manifest themselves. It’s a comical battle in my mind between doubt and strength.

I am smart, quick, competent, and kind.

Yes, kind. Oddly enough my imposter syndrome seeps into whether or not I am actually being nice.

But imposter syndrome kicks in and the world begins to swirl and suddenly I am not smart enough, don’t deserve to be here, not nice enough/ people will find out I am actually a bitch, that I’ve somehow cheated to get here. Because honestly how could I be right? I am an incompetent bumbling fool or I just feel like I generally never have any idea of what’s going on.

Does this mental rambling sound familiar? Probably because most of us experience this doubt.

I have yet to find a way to fully eradicate it, so if someone knows, holler at a girl! Otherwise, here is what I have found to be helpful in my moments of self-doubt.

  1. You are not alone.

We all experience this. Think of it as the initiation into the higher circles. The higher we rise, the more profound these moments of self-doubt become.

  1. You deserve this.

You deserve to be where you are. It’s ok! Have confidence in the skills that got you here will continue to grow and help you rise to the occasion.

  1. Work on remembering the good.

It’s so easy to remember the bad, but remember the good and you will have a stronger cache of good vibes to pull from and propel you through the doubt.

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  1. Embrace the uncomfortable

It’s gonna happen so don’t fight it and acknowledge it for what it is and push through it

  1. Fight what’s triggering it

If you can pinpoint the trigger you can work on that fear or doubt to overcome it being a trigger

  1. Be grateful.

Be stoked that you are in a position that pushes your comfort zone and someone thought you competent enough to be there. Take that opportunity to grow.

  1. Call on the universe/ angels or god to give you strength through it and pull up your big girl panties and slay the beast.


Bottom line no matter what: YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. Repeat it. YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.


What have you found to help with imposter syndrome?


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