Keeping your Cool and Green: Wellness on a Budget

Wellness can definitely be intimidating on a budget, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Wellness can be even more intimidating when its approached through the purview of Instagram/pinterest/6-figure making blogs. A $15 yoga class here. $100 yoga pants. $75 massage. $40/ month gym membership. $20 pack of incense. $15 crystals. $100 tarot reading sesh. $1000 coaching program. All to keep my cool.

But really. Its like yo, I am a regular goddamn human with a totally normal salary. How on God’s green earth do ya’ll expect me to afford all this for my self-care routine?

But seriously how?!

I think the tenants of wellness should be accessible to everyone regardless of income or class. This is mainly because it’s benefits have been so profound. So I have compiled this list of how I have made wellness accessible for myself despite being very budget conscious.

My hacks for wellness on a budget.

Energy Exchange

You may not have money, but if you have some extra time see if a practitioner would be open to an exchange of services. Not all are able to do this. But if you have skills that could be of benefit to them or if they hate cleaning enough, there’s a fair chance they may go for it. I know a few businesses who have done this for me and its opened some amazing doors. It has also given me a platform to deepen some of my skills!

Energy Exchange

Explain your situtaion and hope they can help you out somehow.

I am not saying go around asking for free things. To get the full benefit you should contribute something as you will appreciate it more, but maybe they can offer a partial discount or scholarship. I usually explain my situation and that I would be happy to do an energy exchange. And if they don’t offer that maybe there is another way to work something. I do get out right no’s at times. But I have also had people who are so happy to share their practice they will take a discounted rate.

Look for sales.

I refuse to pay full price for anything cause I know it’ll go on sale. I shopped Black Friday at Alo Yoga online. I got high-quality gear for ½ off and because it is such an “it” brand it has good resell value! #winning TJ Maxx has good workout stuff too. And so does Target. Remember you don’t need to buy it all in one fell swoop, collect stuff over time as you find it in your price range.

Top was $7 at Marshalls and the bottoms were a gift for Christmas

Ebay and Poshmark

You can find stuff in good condition for good prices. Give ‘em a good wash when you get them and no one will be any the wiser. And you’ll be extra stoked wearing that trendy piece that didn’t break the bank!


When people are picking up what youre putting down, when the time comes they will probably get you a gift that aligns with your vibe.

How do you make wellness work for you on your budget?

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