Love sets the scene for your existence.

Love yourself more. 

Even more. 

Go ahead. It’s safe to do so.

Even more, more than you think is necessary. 

This is the foundation for all your experiences. 

When you have Love in your heart the energy flows. You don’t create blocks in your body when you have loving energy in your heart. You erode the blocks. You erode these blocks that came into existence when your vibration was low, unstable, or weak allowing the block to form. It is, however, not love for others that you can substitute for love for yourself. This is something you must learn that is paramount to your existence as a human. 

Without self-love, you have attachments and triggers. These walls can be seemingly great and are in reality fragile because its like a house of cards. Patterns and stories built on triggers and pain points that perpetuate lifetime and karmic patterns. These don’t serve your highest good and impose limits on your greatness’ expression.

How do you love yourself? You asked the most simple, but most difficult question. We tell you this, you are all unique individuals, therefore you will all have a unique way of learning to love yourself. We suggest that you start with a process similar to that which you experience when you are falling in love with another expression of yourself. 

So start with interest, fascination, infinite curiosity about yourself. Look at your meat sack like you would a mate across a candlelit dinner. Laugh at your jokes. Find out what you like to do, what makes you sad, what makes you tick. Feel all the feels, get excited about this new love because dare we tell you, it will be the greatest love of all time. 

But above all have compassion for yourself just as you would approach a new shiny bae, with love and understanding. How many shitheads have you given the benefit of the doubt to countless times? They didn’t even deserve that kind of attention from you, so turn it back around on you. Give yourself that compassion and understanding, it may feel weird at first, maybe even a little bit uncomfortable, but with time it is what your love will grow from. 

How exciting this is, truly stop now and visualize this. You are unapologetically your own biggest fan. You think you are the sexiest mofo around and you don’t need anyone to gas you up or to feel complete. Your identity is your own. You love yourself so much you could get off on how magnificent you are. What could create a brighter future for you? Self fucking love baby.

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