Lululemon “The Reversible Mat”



$68- It’s a little steep if you are on a tight budget (like me!) but with a discount code lulu sometimes sends out it can be an affordable investment, especially compared to similar mats on the market.

Quality & Thoughts

I have had the mat for about 2 months now and use it just about every day. It is holding up well. It is super sticky, but not in a “I can’t step through without hurting myself way,” but a “when I sent my hand or foot down, it ain’t moving” way.

It comes in a nice variety of dark colors which is good so it does not show dirty footprints after a while. And it is reversible, so if you like feeling the texture or want a bit of a different look, then this is a great mat.

My only complaint and I have mostly gotten over it is that the mat scuffs up easily and a lot. My beef with this is that I like things to look new for as long as possible, especially if I am shelling out nearly 70$ for it. But it does nothing to diminish the functionality of the mat and as a friend pointed out it helps you find where your hands and feet go more easily.

Back to you! How you do feel about this mat? Are you interested in getting one? What is your fave mat?!

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