Meet Your Soul via a Shaman

Shamans are those that can walk between worlds. They are here to facilitate and help you meet your soul. They can help us to piece back together our souls, and dig deeper into our roots, to discover our true purpose and who we really are.

I met my soul on a deeper level with a shaman. Here are some of the nuggets of wisdom, we have uncovered.

  • I am a starseed→ aqueous sirian
  • My spirit animal is a wolf
  • I am surrounded by angels
  • My main guide looks like doc from back to the future

None of these except doc are all that surprising. I have had a sneaking suspicion about most of them. The confirmation has been comforting and given me more areas to dig into and learn more about myself. Get to know my soul on its cellular level if you will.

The information resonates at a very deep level of my soul. If you are curious or have been wondering about seeing a shaman, GO DO IT! It really yields informtaion that you cant find elsewhere. And you can really make excuses for not getting to know your soul.

So here’s a deeper dive into what I have learned so far.

I am a starseed

I went on a jounery to a lower world while in a shamanic state of consciousness. I was in an aqueous world and the people around me were humanoid but amphibious and blue/green/grayish in nature. There was a group of 6-7 of them that focused on showing me their energy source which was a small copper color coil that you plug into a conductor and it would burn the coil down. Showed me the neighborhood briefly.

It felt like I was home and welcomed back. It was familiar and where I was supposed to be. The language used symbols but I knew it.

When I came back from the journey, I did my own research and saw a photo of the Sirians and one of them looked almost exactly like the people I saw. I found out too that it is a diverse star system and they do have some aquatic palanets.

My spirit animal is a wolf

My first dog looked like a wolf and I joke about being raised by wolves. I have most my life. When working with the Shaman on soul retrival, we both saw or felt the presense of a big wolf guiding me on my journey. I also felt his energy even after. He comes back for many of my journeys and I can call on him in my waking life when I need extra guidance.

Surrounded by angels

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all to me where I work with angels and have had them in my life since I was young, but it was cool to learn that their presence could be seen and felt by others. They have a very strong power and healing effect. It was really cool to experience that combines with the shamanic effect.

Doc from back to the future

I had a dream the night before a journey and a guy that looked like a hybrid of doc and Rick from Rick and Morty appeared and essentially said he’s my main dude. Then during a journey meant to be a mission to find my guide, lo and behold doc rick shows up saying “finally, I have been expecting you.” Yo man! You weren’t easy to get to chill with the sass. We shall see what info he’s got for me in the future.

As you can see it can be a wide spread of things you experience and learn about but it is the beauty of the soul that you experience in a way that is beyond unique.

Go on a journey and meet your soul!

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