Message from the higher ups.

What do I need to transmute right now? How do I work through this? Where do I find it in me to love myself?

No quick-fix. You are going to have to feel through this. Sit with the emotions you are experiencing and learn to co-exist with them and this human form.

It is okay to be scared. It’s ok to be sad. To feel like everything has changed. It’s okay to have anxiety about all that, but what is not okay is to think you are unworthy.

You must find the love to love yourself first. You know it’s there and you know it exists so you just need to associate the two. Love and love of yourself.

You are on the right path given you have learned of your true nature. You see more about yourself, so tap into that light and love.

This like many of your other trials is to teach you the lessons you wanted to take while you’re here. These are tools that will help you help others in another timeline. But first you must first transmute them.

As much as it hurts and is scared as you are, you will know peace and love. You are peace and love.

Trust the universe and us. For we have so much in store for you but you must be a vibrational match for it. You are getting there and getting your life and alignment.

You need to quiet yourself and trust the plans of the universe. Learn to sit with yourself for a while and love being alone before you invite anyone into the thick of it again.

You have a lot of healing to do and you need to acknowledge that and let time and healing work. You will continue to grow and deepen your practice to be truly unshakable when you face the world.

Above all trust the universe and do the work, you will receive the bounties.

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