Moving past feeling directionless

What do you do when you feel directionless?

As someone who is super driven and motivated when I get into these funks, they hit me hard. And it’s not that I don’t know what I am doing, its just a lull where I am reevaluating the end goal. But it is only natural to take a step back and probe what I originally thought I wanted.

It is this period of inner interrogation that leaves me feeling like I am ok for now, but what’s next for me.

I am learning to recognize the cycle and be ok with the inner introspection, no matter how uncomfortable. The periods where I am driving forward, I am so laser-focused on my goals that I almost lose sight of the bigger picture. These introspection phases and spinning my wheels, reevaluating my life are helpful and motivate me to work harder and drive after my goals.

But when you are in a lull or a period or stagnation what do you do to get a movin again?

  • Sit with it. Reflect on the now.
    • Ask yourself: are you happy? Do you like where you are? Are you healthy? What is not being fulfilled?
  • Reflect on the past
    • Look at your habits and decisions. How have they gotten you here? Note where the holes in the boat are.
  • Look ahead
    • Keep the habits that serve you. Work on the habits that don’t. you create your life through the decisions you make. You don’t like it? Make better choices. We all have to work within the constraints of the cards we’ve been dealt.
    • Look at what you want your life to look like. Do your habits make this realistic?
    • If things aren’t where you want them to be, what needs to change?
    • What is your next step?
  • Hit the cards.
    • Look to your oracle cards or the tarot. Ask the universe/angels/guides what juicy knowledge your soul needs in this moment.
  • Flow through.
    • Hit the mat and physically work and breath out your beef.

What do you do when youre feeling stuck?

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