Our Stories: The Tales we Weave

The fairytales and fables did not stop in childhood. We continue to weave our own stories everyday and carry their consequences within us. It becomes a part of who we are. We make up stories about our lives and circumstances creating confines we don’t even see. They usually have negative implications because they stem from fear and other negative experiences. These beliefs we form hold us back from our fullest existence allowing our highest self run free and grace the world.

These beliefs are insidious. Sometimes we are conscious of them and their implications, but fear has us so bound we don’t change or we operate under these assumptions with no idea they even exist. This could be because we have had them for so long they are a part of us. Or they could be so subtle rooting them out is a challenge.

But we have to root them out. They skew our perspective on the world, dragging us down into a negative spiral. This occurs through toxic beliefs and self-sabotage from these limiting beliefs. We won’t let our greatness shine through for whatever reason we have cooked up in our heads.

We can hold ourselves back in life due to a lack mindset. Be it fear, not deserving, pain or some other root belief/ emotion that we have held onto.

Is any of this starting to sound familiar? What are you pulling out about your own life?

Here is one of many ways to begin to sift through the stories you are telling yourself. Root out what is causing problems and blocking you from living your best life.

  1. Identify a negative reaction you have to an event.
    • Does something make you anxious? Scared?
    • Do you tell yourself the same thing will happen over and over when you have to do something or see someone or go around a certain place or thing?
      • Think of a dog that is scared of the shower and gives you side eye whenever you are near the shower and he is too.
  2. Ask yourself: Why this reaction
    • Did it stem from something or an event? Was it learned? How long has it been like this? Do you remember a different reaction?
  3. How is this reaction serving you?
    • Oh its not? You have no benefit from the narrative of this story? So why are you perpetuate it?
  4. What would a reaction that serves you look like?
  5. Start to identify when your story comes up and stomp it out. Remember what serves your higher purpose.

With time this will get easier and you will notice the harmony of the universe start to envelop you. When in doubt, ask is this serving me. If its not change your narrative.

Here’s to a more fulfilled life, you beautiful soul.

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