Perfectionism = Manifestation of Fear

“Perfectionism is our denial of 2 very basic truths of existence: we are not perfect, and we are not, ultimately, in control.”                     – Tiny Buddha


Perfectionism is a lot like paddling upstream. You may get somewhere, albeit not far. But you will be weathered and exhausted having worked so hard. I myself am ever guilty of this. I will completely freak out, have anxiety overturning something in or publishing it with errors or even just not being exactly right. It gets to the point where I will go long periods of not writing or publishing because I don’t have the energy to expend at the time. During school, I would just constantly be on edge and scouring the document prior to turning it in, looking for errors and fact-checking (it had to have been someone like me that created citations).

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This habit/ perspective/ compulsion, call it what you like, is exhausting and leaches into the other parts of my life that are happy and peaceful, and the kicker, overall it does not help me.


What gets even more ironic? NOBODY CARES. Literally. Nobody. Why? Because they are absolutely caught up in their own loop of obsessing over who is going to judge them and why they are so inferior (not that they are, just critical self-talk.) This shit is so wild and truly profound. The tiny stuff. The minuscule things really only matter to me. And I recognize this. But then why do I still get caught up? It has to be more than just the fear of judgment. Is it a need for control or situations? Or a need for praise? Or a desire to impress others? All these fears and needs are rooted in ego and do not help the progress of my soul and are a MASSIVE energy suck.

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It’s literally the most pointless fear/need/desire ever, so I am not even thinking about it anymore. I am just going to write and truly hope for the best. I am going to do and hope for the best. And I will be and hope for the best.


I have found that I have to feel the fear to get over something. Face it head on and tackle it. I am working on stopping the obsessive overthinking and acting out of my heart and light space. I am setting intentions to have a message that has a high vibe. I hope it creates spaces for others to work from their heart spaces and just be. In peace.


How do you guys deal with your perfectionist tendencies? What roots do they stem out of?


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