Pisces Season- Clear the Shit

It is time to forgive and clear the clutter you’ve been holding onto in your heart. 

It is time to release the hurt and harm done to you and by you. 

Recognize it for what it is and move on. 

It is not worth weighing you down anymore. Release these blocks because they are holding you from experiencing all the good in life. You have so much to offer that you can’t even fathom yet. Embrace this limitless potential.

This period of your life is for change. Transition. Allow the old to slip away with grace and make room for new that is flowing in. What is meant for you will come when you are ready to receive it. This means your vibe, your healing, and your ability to use the new to continue to heal is the greatest gift in this life. It allows you to live in freedom and expansion. Live in such a way that is unique to you to resolve a solo lesson. There is no beauty greater or more graceful than a healed heart that sparks others’ healing. 

Your peace is unfuckwithable and you are a catalyst to others when you have healed yourself. You are able to live in your purpose when you do not have unhealthy emotional weight burdening you. It influences you to act in certain ways, twisting your purpose into imperceptible blah, patterns you may not even be aware of. 

You are here to be your greatest expression of self yet. To raise the collective consciousness. This healing energy requires room, we need space to shed for the healing and growth that will follow the purge. Then you will hold the space for others and so on and so on. (Think Billy Joel- We didn’t start the fire, its been burning, since the worlds been turning) 

Get to know your higher self, she/he will help you on your journey. Talk to her, show up as her, move like her, and watch your healing expand your life. The abundance will flourish uninterrupted. As a Divine being your guided by the Divine, trust the schedule the universe has for you.

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