Power of Healing

Heal. Give yourself as much time and space to heal. This will not look the same for everyone because we all need different things. What brings us back to center will change as we change. Healing and love. It is available to anyone, but you must know it is there to utilize it. 

We don’t know the world that exists beyond our very limited mindset. Be open. Roll with the natural tides of life. When you are open to new ideas and are ready to receive, you become unstoppable. 

You know intrinsically what is coming for you is meant to be yours. You attract only the things that are at the level you are vibing at. You want positivity and love? You must bring that into your being. Wrap yourself in it and exude it from every pore of your being. As Rumi says, what you seek is seeking you. 

You must bring the energy into your life and be what you want. You can’t attract that which is not meant for you. Know your blessings are yours and only yours.

The key to awakening your blessings is to bring in the loving and positive energy and operate from that space, set that vibe, and be open. Understand that you deserve all you want and expect. Love begets love. It is light. It will come as soon as you are ready, but only you make that happen.

Our lives, the blessings, and happiness do not lie with others nor is it others’ responsibility to ensure we have these things. These gifts of the universe lie in each and every one of us. Imagine what that would look like if we all found a way to access this. If every person found their divine love and light within themselves. How our society and homes may look?

If you were here and you are reading this, you are conscious of the ideas mentioned here. As a Starseed, lightworker, Earth Angel, etc. it is part of your mission to guide the earth to the energy, to bring society into the dimension of love and sanctity.

You started to listen to intuitive hits, but you were doubting it. Don’t do that. Trust. There’s a reason that you think, “okay there may be something to this” or “oh that may work”, yet you keep yourself small and don’t follow through with the idea.

You won’t see instant success, but keep going follow the voice. You have the time and it will pass anyway. You’re happy doing it, so why wouldn’t you continue. So some of those recent ideas you’ve had? Yes do them. All of them.

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