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During an intuitive reading I utilize tarot, mediation, and channeling to connect with your guides/ higher self to bring back information that is for your highest good at this time. In doing this, I also connect with your energy, so if something is “off” I will provide feedback on fixing this or causing it. 

A reading is up to 5 pages of guidance and you can ask up to 4 questions. It can give you a deep, full picture look for the year ahead or guidance for whatever season of life you are in.I will reach out to you for your questions.

A mini-reading is up to 1.5 pages and you can ask 1 question. This is a concise answer to an anomaly you are experiencing in this 3D journey. I will reach out to you for your questions.

By purchasing your reading you acknowledge that this is for entertainment purposes only.

This can be done from anywhere. After booking, I will ask you a couple quick questions before I go on the journey. I have about a week turnaround to type up your reading which will be sent to you via email!


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