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This mentorship will span 3 months in total where you will have full access to me to dig into your energy practice and gain confidence in what you are doing. I created this mentorship to ensure that my students become confident and knowledgable energy workers who are ready to share that with the world.

Reiki Level One will be the first step in your Reiki journey, now that it has found you. This class will cover the history and fundamentals of Reiki. You will also learn how to start a self-healing practice to deepen your relationship with Reiki energy and prepare you for Reiki Level Two.

As a part of this course, you will receive a manual, a printed certificate for Reiki Level One.

The first session is designed to give you the foundation you need to build an energy work practice while being tailored to you and your interests. You can expect the class to take 3 to 4 hours depending on the questions and how deep you want to go with 5 days of guided home practice to kick off your practice.

Reiki Level Two is designed to awaken your inner practitioner. You have worked hard after Level One to become acquainted with and learn to use the energy to heal yourself. Level Two will teach you to turn your energy practice outward, to clients and share your gifts and knowledge.

The second session you will learn the Reiki symbols, distance and time healing, working with clients, business tips, and ways to make Reiki part of your daily life. You will also be required to complete a 10-min. presentation on a subject of your choosing within energywork and complete a practicum in order to receive your certificate. 

In this session, you will receive a manual, a printed certificate for Reiki Practitioner. You can expect the class to take 4 hours depending on the questions and how deep you want to go into specialized information. The practicum can be completed on this day or another scheduled time. 

After this second session, you will have free access to me for 2 months for guidance and to ask me any questions, ideas, or anything else that may come up.  

Please email me at to apply for this opportunity. 


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