energy work

Reiki is a Japanese energy work modality that promotes stillness and calmness in the client’s mind creating more space to do deeper soul work. Reiki also aids in clearing energy blocks and restoring balance to the subtle body. This imbalance can occur when we take on the energy of those entering our space, stress of daily life, the foods we eat, and our health. We also create attachments to others, and vice versa, through energetic cords. These cords can collect and drain us of our energy. 

An angelic reiki energy session can remedy this. Your session will include a discussion of your current perceived blocks, an intention setting ceremony & meditation, followed by the angelic reiki energy clearing.

This is offered in-person or via FaceTime. The number of sessions and how they progress will vary by client. You can expect them to last 90 to 120 minutes.

» $100 per session

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♥ please note in-person sessions come with a dose of puppy love ♥