Scaredy Cat

I’ve been reluctant to write anything new lately because I am worried about judgment. And I started thinking about it and realised it would be a great topic to write about!


Fear of rejection is such an impediment in our day to day lived. I could potentially be writing a post that will help me grow, grow my business or outreach or even a post that will speak to someone.

But because I am scared, I am stuck. All because I am worried someone will judge me or judge my writing. I am not sure why I have this fear, I generally don’t care what others opinions of me are. Then I realised, what I have here, what I am working to create, and in the very essence of my writing, it is me. The boiled down soul of who I am. That is supremely vulnerable and frankly fucking scary. I’ve been doing it slowly, getting my toes wet. And then waiting to gauge the reactions as I go.

This is isn’t a good or healthy approach. I should embrace me and what I am making. Scream from the rooftops the light I am trying to infuse into this ever darkening world. Because what I am doing is great and I am great.

So no more waiting around to make sure people are ok with my project. Or ok with me. I’m gonna do me and y’all can get on my level. #raiseyourvibe

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