Self-care Rituals for the Anxious

Self-care has definitely taken on buzzword status in 2018. Insta is flooded with beautiful tubs filled with petals and lavish spa trips purporting to be “so and so’s” self-care routine. That is all well and good for them, but do you also find that to be wholly impractical for your life? As someone who works a full-time job and has a pretty decent amount of GAD, the simpler the better is my motto.

I am in no way knocking people who can pull off such lavish self-care rituals. In fact, I’m a little jealous I cannot pull off the time or energy to collect flowers and pluck off the petals to sprinkle around the tub.

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What I am saying though is, that if you don’t do it, it’s ok. Neither do I. You can still have self-care rituals no matter how simple. The goal is to relax and be happy. My rituals change based on how I’m feeling and the seasons. Two that transcend all aspects of my life are doggo cuddles and yoga. But don’t you think for a second these are cute Instagram worthy rituals. No no. My hair is usually in some weird non-attractive style to get it off my neck and I am usually in sweats that are 3 times too big. (shout out to the BF for still thinking I’m attractive!)

Now that we are well into fall, some of my summer practices have fallen aside and I am embracing my pre-hibernation practices. Think cozy, warm, slow. Lots of soups, turning up the thermostat and not going outside. But a shift in routine doesn’t always bode well for us anxious types, so don’t do anything too drastic.


Here’s what I am doing for pre-hibernation:

  • Tried cutting out caffeine, but not I am just down to a deeply reduced proportion.
    • Caffeine has a gnarly impact on our anxiety. I didn’t notice much of a reduction in my anxiety after 3 weeks of no caffeine. But I did notice I was always drowsy and super irritable because I was so uncomfortable. So I started with some tea. Its enough for a kick after a detox but its not so much I fly into fight or flight mode.
  • Yoga
    • Will always be a part of my self-care. Yoga saves lives. You can gear it up or down to suit your mood. My practice certainly takes on a slower yummier flow in this colder time
  • Walks
    • The leaves! Taking the dog for a walk or jog is the best in the fall. The air is crisp and energizing and the beautiful leaves change and remind us all of life is based on cycles.
  • Moisturizing masks and water
    • The dehydration is so real for me in the colder months. There isn’t enough cream or water I can use to keep my skin happy. I blame this on being born and raised in desert conditions and I never had to adapt to 20 degrees F (~-5 c) weather.  
  • Reading and golden Milk
    • I’m not trying to spend any unnecessary time outdoors in this soul-crushing cold. So curling up with a good book and turmeric milk is super grounding and restoring.

Do your self-care rituals change with the seasons? What do you do to keep your sanity going into winter?

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